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Personal Training

Do you feel out of place when you practice with a large number of people? 


Do you need personalised training sessions as per your requirements? 

If any of these describe your needs, then Personal Training is the best option for you.  


We at HoopYogi, believe that everyone's needs are different and, we welcome diversity with our whole heart. Keeping this in mind, we create your personalised training sessions after knowing your requirements. 


So the general sessions plan for our classes will be like this:

DAY 1: Client Assessment

DAY 7: Full Body Mobility & Strength

DAY 15: Target Body Parts Workout

DAY 30: Working towards achieving GOALS


Our private classes will be live-streamed via Zoom with you at the timing mutually decided by you and your trainer. Your trainer will personally be in touch with you to answer all your queries. The links will be provided a day before the sessions.


If you ever missed your class, due to some unavoidable reason; we give the flexibility of taking our sessions within four months from the date of booking. Sessions' timing will be based on mutual availability. But you will need to inform us within those four months. 


So, all you need to attend our classes is a mobile/laptop with the internet!


We provide our personalised sessions under the following categories:

Online Yoga Session:


YOGA word comes from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj', which means to unite. A practice where one connects with oneself spiritually while disciplining our minds through meditation and strengthening our bodies through asanas. With this goal, we provide Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga classes to you. 


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Online Hula-Hoop Session:


If you think Hula hooping is child's play, then you need to re-think. This activity alone can make your workout routine very interesting and give you an excellent way to make you mentally and physically healthy. You can also make your dance choreography more challenging and unique; with our numerous tricks, transitions, and techniques. 


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Online Hoop-Yoga Session:


Bringing the fusion of calmness and energy into this one unique class, named as Hoop-Yoga. In this class, you will learn to flaunt your hooping skill while doing a challenging yoga pose. It will improve your focus, increase your balance, and creativity while relieving stress and anxiety from your mind, body, and soul. This is an advanced-level course that requires a basic level of hooping skills. 


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What We Do..!!




Client Assessment

Full body mobility & Strength

Target body parts workout


Work towards achieving asanas goals



Hooping is a full body, fun workout. Hooping is a mood altering practice. Hooping is an expressive form of freedom. Hooping is playtime for adults. Hooping is for all ages, skill levels and bodies. Hooping is dance inside an adult size hula hoop.

Special Hoop & Yoga Training

 "Hoop yoga Hoop-Yoga is a trending term in the sector of fitness. The fusion of hooping and Yoga brings calmness and energy. It keeps you interested in your workout routine and guides you towards more challenging poses. In addition to balance, focus, and creativity, you will achieve de-stressing and toxic exclusion of mind, body, and soul. Most people show dis-likings for the idea of yoga as a structured routine that requires great discipline. To come out of this dilemma, we have introduced combination of hoop and yoga into your everyday routine, so that you are free to use your creativity and traditional learnings at a place. We make sure that you enjoy your yoga routine as we take care of its end results of healthy body, calm mind and overall well-being. Note- This is an Advance level course which requires a basic hooping skill."
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