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"Perfection come with Perfect planning and time of action"

Gone are the days when Hula hooping was called a child's play. In actuality, Hula hooping is a wonderful and enjoyable way to get in a healthy workout while you can burn some extra calories too!

Where did the Hula-hoop come from?
The ancient Greeks and Egyptians were known to twirl hoops around their bellies for entertainment and exercise. Later in modern times, Australians have been known to use bamboo hoops. And now we are using polyethylene hoops, PVC piping, or polypropylene tubing for the best and light experience of hooping. 


Is the hula hoop dance style actually beneficial?
It has the ability to offer benefits similar to salsa, belly dancing, kickboxing, and aerobics.

What are some well-known hooping techniques?

Modern hooping has developed many of the new moves. Most 'on body' and 'off body' movements are now used in hooping. Breaks, isolations, shoulder hooping, and multi hooping are a few examples. Rolling Reach, Standing Twist, Arm Circles with Hula Hoop are some other techniques for effective hooping. 

What are the benefits of hooping on a regular basis?
• A healthier heart and lungs
• Increased blood flow
• A decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
• A stronger immune system
• Improved brain function
• Reduced stress levels
• Calorie-burning (burn up to 420 calories)
• Lose weight around your waist and hips.

• Reduce Abdominal fat
• Increase core muscle mass
• Reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.

• Increases the ability to exercise more.

Hula hooping has evolved into more than just a form of exercise. More than that, you can add hoop to any dance style, even if you're a total beginner who has never moved their body before. All you need is a hula hoop, comfortable clothes, and 30 minutes of your time.

Yes, you read that right!!

So, What are you waiting for? Drop us an email now to know more about the batches currently available.

Can't wait to hoop together !

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